Greatest Hits (BETA)

Best Multi.. Evaahhh???

If you want to "win the morning", this is the perfect complement to your Rewind Superbar.

First - let's get real, shall we?

We don't get enough greens, fruit, veggies and berries during the day.

And most "multi vitamins".. like the ones you find on the shelves of your local pharmacy, are all synthetic - cobbled together by a scientist in a lab.

But one thing we've learned - you can never beat Mother Nature. She always knows best. She's undefeated.

So while the best thing would be to eat LOTS of ORGANIC superfoods like Brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa grass, raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.. 

... it's simply not possible.

But, c'mon.. you know Rewind's got your back. You know we're going to come up with a solution for busy people just like us.

Busy people who don't want to choke down a $11.95 smoothie from your local juice bar.


Introducing GREATEST HITS!

What happens when you take 27 USDA ORGANIC ingredients and combine the into a mind-blowing all-in-one daily multi?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words - well feast your eyes on this.


Of course. We could spend the next 30 pages discussing all the health benefits of each of these ORGANIC superfoods, greens, and fruit - but it would be overkill.

By now, you KNOW organic food like kale, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli are good for you. 

Oh - and by the way - getting USDA Certified Organic ain't easy (or cheap!) You can feel good about the quality of our ingredients!

Is it a miracle pill? Will you suddenly lose 50 pounds? Will you look 20 years younger overnight? Will you start to fly? Just take one "Greatest Hit" in the morning to "cover your bases". 

Of course not. But we believe in REAL nutrition that can only be delivered by REAL food sources is always the best bet. And it's impossible to argue against all the health benefits adding the nutrition of 27 organic superfoods to your morning routine. 

We've seen other whole food multi's (that aren't even organic) sell for up to $60!

And don't get us started with overpriced "juice shots". $9.50 for 1oz of juice? You must be kidding!

But at Rewind, we're always going to do everything in our power to give you amazing value. With "Greatest Hits".. we hope you agree.




We're always 100% transparent so here's the truth.

Our supply for this first run is very limited. Because while we know Greatest Hits is something you NEED - we're not 100% sure if this is something WANT.

And, while we're here to serve, we're also a business. And it doesn't make business sense for us to spend $500,000.00 on thousands of bottles of inventory if we don't know if you really want 'em.

So consider this a BETA-test. 

Try 'em. And if we see it going fast and you're loving them - we'll make more.

If not? Well.. at least we gave it a shot and let our Rewinders decide. Because everything we do - we do it for you.

Go ahead. Try a bottle today and let us know how you like 'em.

You got this.

-Ryan and the Rewind Team!

P.S. Remember, our first order of Superbars sold-out FAST and it took months to get more back in stock. If you wait on these.. they might disappear quickly too. So grab a bottle today.